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Sessions & Packages

Sessions & Packages


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Healing and Spiritual Life Purpose Coaching is a process with daily practices  to help you grow and advance mentally, physically and spiritually and that is why I offer the programs so that you can make a commitment to yourself and have a structure to support you.    

I offer an Introductory 1 month package of (6 sessions)


I offer a package of 6 months as a program which is

3 sessions per month (18 Total Sessions)


I offer a package of 9 months as a program with 3 sessions per month(27 Total Sessions)


Please call me so I can talk with you and answer any questions you may have about the programs so we can determine what is best for your needs.

I offer a Free 15 minute consultation.


Spiritual Life Purpose Coaching &

Quantum Energy Healing Therapy Sessions

1,6 and 9 month programs

Awakening the Heart and Third Eye Chakras

& Accessing Your Soul's Purpose

Holy Spirit, spiritual counseling

Spiritual Life Purpose Coaching



Each healing clears any blocks or interference in the Energetic body, Electromagnetic field, Auric field, & Chakras to help bring you into alignment with you soul's purpose and have better health


 Quantum Energetics and Spiritual Life Purpose Coaching

 raises your vibrational frequency for mental, physical, and spiritual healing of the body.

Working with the Heart energy to open the heart even more in order to heal, give, and receive unconditional love even more!


 Receive Ascension Coaching and tools to continue to work on advancing to a higher consciousness on your spiritual journey

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Life Purpose Coaching Package

1, 6 and 9 Month Programs


Life Purpose counseling and readings

Life Purpose Coaching

 Detailed Oracle Card Readings with Specific Guidance

for you to take action steps for your Life's Purpose and you receive the recording of the healing and reading.


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Gift Certificates are available and can be purchased in a package.

****All packages must be paid in advance and completed within 6 to 9 months.


We accept cash or major credit cards.


Our office does not accept insurance. Payment is expected at time of service with cash or credit card. However, please check with your 

PPO healthcare insurer to see if your office visit can be reimbursed.


Hours: By Appointment Only Monday thru Saturday

Andrea Reuth, QESTP

619-857-5238 or

I Service the United States and Globally by Long Distance Healing.

San Diego County and Globally

4375 Kamloop Ave.

San Diego, CA 92117