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Holistic Healing For Pets

Holistic Healing For Pets

Healing for both you and your pets. Our pets tend to take on our stress and it is a fact that what ever is going on with the Pet's Owner is usually also going on with the pet. That is why I offer this package so that your pet and you will receive a complete healing.

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***Once a month for 4 months you will receive one session of Quantum Energetics and Angel Therapy for both you and your pet.

***During the 4 month's you will receive two 30 minute psychic pet readings so you can understand what is going on with your pet and what your pet wants to communicate back to you.

***Crystal Energy Therapy using charged crystals from the Bell Rock Vortexes in Sedona, AZ for your healing.

1 Hour Consultation on both you and your pet's food and environment to discover any allergic reactions that could be affecting your health.

1 hour Discovery of any remediation needed for your home where electromagnetic pollution may be affecting your pet's health and your health.

Note: If your pet or you are recovering from a surgery all of these therapies will help both you and your pet heal faster.


During one of my QEST and Angel Healing Therapy sessions I mentioned that my dog Ruby was not feeling well and looked absolutely miserable. Andrea said that she does work on pets, too. After a few sessions via the phone, Ruby's eyes have cleared up, she has more energy, an improved appetite, and she no longer walks like what I called a sidewinder.

Andrea did a spinal alignment for her and was able to work on some fractures she had along her ribs,spine and sacrum. Ruby now walks with a more normal gait instead of the sideways hobble she was doing. Andrea used muscle testing and found out that Ruby had several allergies to a few of her toys and that one of my neighbors was feeding her something that she was allergic to. I was able to talk to my neighbor and let her know that Ruby had some allergies and not to feed her any more. Thank you Andrea for helping get Ruby back to her happier, peppy self.

Paula H. and Ruby H.

San Diego, CA

Ruby before Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy and Angel Therapy

Ruby before Quantum Energetics and Angel Therapy Sessions

Ruby after Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy and Angel Therapy

Ruby after her Quantum Energetics and Angel Therapy Sessions


 Quantum Energetics and Angel Healing Therapy for Cats

My cat Xena and loyal companion of 20 years was literally anorexic and had severe kidney problems. One day I found her doubled up in pain laying beside the toilet in agony. I immediately took her to the Vet and he literally said he couldn't do much for her because of her age.  I mentioned this to Andrea and she said that she also works on pets. She found that the food and water I was feeding her was causing her to be sick. Even though I was giving her expensive Cat food, it was still not good for her because she is very sensitive and had allergies to it.

After the Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy and the Angel Healing Therapy her weight has doubled and she is much healthier. She now has fewer episodes of constipation and her stool has normalized. Her urine flow has gone from huge smelly puddles to lemon sized balls in the liter box. Her hair has improved so much that friends who visit comment on it and says she does not look her age she looks younger! Xena is happier now. I highly recommend Andrea to anyone who has a pet. 

Xena Kitty Client with Quantum Energetics and Angel Therapy

Russ Rice and Xena Rice

Del Mar, CA


Khloe Cat Testimonial for Quantum Energetics and Angel Healing Therapy

Khloe Cat and Lori C. 

Del Mar, CA

Hi, my name is Khloe. My Mom, Lori was getting help from Andrea for Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy and the Angel Healing Therapy. She decided to have Andrea work on me as well after going to the vet and not being able to clear up my health issues. She discovered that I had a food allergy that was causing me to have really dry skin that I was picking at around my face and neck. It was sore and causing me anxiety. She also found out that I had some viruses and a few different parasites that were affecting my throat, neck and spine. She cleared the viruses and parasites with the energy work and I did not have to take any medication for it. She also gave me a spinal alignment and cleared all the inflammation. I had some emotional issues as well that were causing me paranoia, sadness, and feeling unworthy. She discovered these emotions without knowing that one of Mom's best friends does not like cats and every time he would come over to visit, he ignored me. This made me feel really sad. She helped my Mom understand what was going on with me so that she would be able to help me. After my Quantum Energetics/Angel Healing Therapy sessions I felt great and was back to being fun loving and adventurous. The next time she came over to see my Mom I gave her a big snuggle to thank her. I highly recommend her for all of your pets. Meow! 

If you are in severe financial hardship and need distance healing for your pet. I offer a sliding scale fee. I am only able to give a few of these monthly so there may be a wait list. You can write to me and tell me your hardship and the Angels will determine your hardship fee. No phone calls please.

Quantum Energy Healing Therapy

Andrea Reuth


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