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Crystal Energy Grids



for Healing and Transformation

Each crystal grid is unique because it is custom made for and for what they want to manifest. The Energy Crystal helps to shift your current energy field to a higher vibration frequency and assist with manifesting on a spiritual, mental, and physical level. I work with and am guided by Holy Spirit to create your personal healing and transformation crystal grid.



How to Activate Your Energy Vortex Crystal Grid Video

Here are a few examples of the types of crystal grids that I can make. Double click on your mouse over the photo to enlarge it.

Manifesting Abundance Crystal Grid

 Manifesting Abundance Crystal Grid


Intuition Crystal Grid to help build stronger intuition from the Higher self

                            Open up Intuition Crystal Grid                                                                   

Transmuting Negative to Positive Crystal Grid

Transmuting Negative into Positive Crystal Grid

Love and Romance Crystal GridLove and Romance Crystal Grid

Harmony Friendship Crystal Grid

Harmony Friendship Crystal Grid

Health Grid to strengthen health

Health Crystal Grid 

Crystal Visions attracting clients crystal grid

Attracting Clients Grid

Health Crystal Grid to protect and build strong health

Health Crystal Grid

Custom Made Energy Vortex Crystal Grids vary in price starting from $200 and up depending on how many crystals or stones are needed and the type of crystals used. 

The crystal grids may be programmed for anything that you want to positively manifest, whether it is something tangible that you want to bring into your life or it can also be something emotional like love and happiness. It can assist you with health issues like insomnia, weight loss or even help you to stop smoking, etc. 

We’ve known for almost a century that crystals conduct radio waves. But now we know that crystals are also semiconductors. They are also able to conduct information; your Internet connection. Besides many other properties, semiconductors are also able to store energy, amplify signals, filter information, and information in one direction but not in another. 

Crystals have been scientifically proven to generate energy and are used by all types of industry for computers and liquid crystal LED's just to name a few.

I work with the Holy Spirit to create one or more crystal grids for you and your own unique energy field. There are a lot of different ways to create crystal grids. Each crystal has a different energetic one person's energy may not be the same for another. I check what your body wants and needs to create a higher vibration crystal grid that is accurate for your needs.  

Please call me or email me if you would like to schedule an appointment or phone consultation to determine the stones and crystals for your personal grid or as a gift for your friends and family.

I ship anywhere in the U.S. and I accept all major credit cards with PayPal.

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