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Testimonials are from the Holy Trinity and Their Angels Readings

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This was my first reading with her. Everything she discussed was very much on the money. The Holy Trinty and their angels clearly are there watching and helping and the information she provided validated her connection. Lots to think about as a result and she is genuinely a very nice lady. If you have never had a reading with her I would highly recommend it. I do not think you will be disappointed.

Chris, Idaho


Angel Andrea is such an incredible reader.. her messages are always powerful and straight to the point. I never doubt her ability to connect with me. If you want to feel changed / moved, see her.. she will tell you as it is and will get you the information that you truly need.

Taylor, Dallas


Very moving experience with Andrea and the Holy Trinity's Angels. So many things said that were 100% true, that I know I need to work on to move forward in life. Andrea is a blessing!

Kristen, Texas 


A very strong Angel reading. Very wise advice, very logical, very sensible.

Zimerili, Orlando


I thank you for being the instrument that Lord God uses to bring forth clarity. Everything you have ever relayed from hiss Angels was 100%.

I highly recommend a reading with Andrea. Love and blessings to you always.

Gayle, Brooklyn


Hello Andrea! I wanted to make sure I stopped by this morning to thank you for the blessing of a reading with you! I am already feeling much better! I had a wonderful night sleep and I woke up feeling more balanced and much more energized. The experience with you has been unique. The messages the angels delivered through you and the healing session gave me a sense of strong inner peace and brought joy. I woke up with a smile on my face and joy in my heart! Much love!!! 

Sara, Udine


I have now been coming to Andrea for over six months having weekly readings to receive angelic messages have been an important part of my life as it has opened up my eyes, my mind and my heart and soul to seeing my life purpose.  Hearing the messages given by the Hoky Trinity and their angels fits right into my situation and I am a great believer that they are besides, surrounding us with their love and light.  I am a true believer and I will continue coming to Andrea to receive the angels messages.  Andrea is a warm loving soul who week after week will sit and provide answers to all questions that are asked.  Last week I had Angel Therapy done to me and I will tell you that during the session I immediately began to feel different. Day by day I have seen a difference in myself as I no longer have back pains when I wake up each morning, I was told to cut back on my coffee intake as it made me very jittery, to which I did and I have seen a calmer side to me, relaxed and balanced and full of energy. I highly recommend having channeled angel readings and to continue having angelic healing therapy more frequent.

Patty, Upstate New York


I came across Andrea when I was looking for something that can help an injury on my back. She does Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy. She was able to work on my lower back and helped me to feel great after the treatment. I also experienced an Angel reading from her. She was able to help me see how I can  help my mother's situation and conditions right off hand. She told me things that I never knew about and how to help my mother. Because my mother was going through a stage stress time, she can't hear and can't see well. I wanted to know how do I help her. Andrea was able to use me as surrogate to help my mom get better with the Angel Therapy and the QEST.

She found that my mom and I share the same energy. Now my mother is so much better and has improved self esteem. She feels like she can function better now. Knowing what I experienced about Andrea's work,I highly recommend her to everyone.

With the help of the Holy Trinity and their Angels she helps you discover things about your life that you didn't even know about yourself. She is wonderful and it gives me the chills of knowing with the energy work and the Angels she can help your life change in a short matter of time. I felt great about myself and my life is more prosperous. So if your looking for an answer, she can help you connect  to your intuition and higher self by way of the Angels.

Krisite Fang
Solana Beach,CA

Krisite energy testimonial


I definitely recommend an Angel Reading with Andrea if you are open to it.  At first, I was skeptical, but she has a gift and is able to combine her knowledge of Quantum Energetics along with her ability to seek guidance from the Holy Trinity and their Angels.   This combo can expedite your healing process and bring a sense of clarity and calmness into your world.

Kate F.



I did an Angel Reading with Andrea and had no idea what to expect.

I really did not know what to expect.One piece of information that came though the Diamond Light Angels was that I get a dog.Get a dog?!

I did not want a dog. She said the Angels say it’s not for you it's for Chris, my husband. He needs a dog and you need to help him find one and get it. I protested that I was not holding him back from getting a dog and Andrea very patiently said she was just reporting what the Angels were saying.

After the reading, I mentioned to my husband if he wanted a dog and that I was open to that.He said he did not want a dog, the timing was not right (our/his prior beloved dog died about two years before).

I just said, "OK, just letting you know..." Funny, the next day Andrea called after the reading to ask me if I had found a dog for my husband and exasperatedly I said, "no! That reading was yesterday.

No, I haven't dropped everything and gone to find a dog I wouldn't even know where to start. It's a special thing, 'the right dog'". 

She said. "Just asking".

Later that day someone we knew showed me a picture of a dog from a litter on their phone they wanted to send to my husband but, their phone was broken and they were waiting to hook up with him later. I took a picture of the picture and sent it to my husband and that night he went and picked up the 6 week old puppy.

I cannot tell you the joy that dog has brought to our little family.

I did not see that coming. I did not know we needed a dog or what great value a dog would bring us. I, like my husband, thought the timing was wrong. Thank you Andrea for the reading and thank you Angels for leading us down a path of joy and happiness.



New Puppy with Laura testimonialNew Puppy Testimonial


I was really new to the idea of Angel Readings and did not know what to expect.  But the advice that I got turned out to be of great value and helped point me in a direction that improved my life in meaningful, spiritual ways and more.  It helped me become aware of talents that I never realized that I had before.  Now, I am pursuing avenues I would not have otherwise and this experience has opened my potential up to new realms in my career as well.  I knew deep down that I needed to work on my spiritual side and my experiences with Andrea were extremely valuable.  Thank you Andrea!

C. Hillis

San Diego, CA

Cory Quantum energy Healing Testimonial



Angel Reading helps with Elder-care Issue.


A few months ago, I got a letter from my 90 year Mother's board & care home, where she lived for 12 years, that informed me the home would be closing in 30 days.  This notice required me to find a place for my Mother ASAP.  I didn't see how I could find a place for her so soon.  I thought it would be very difficult to find a place in her price range she would like that suited her needs.  Anyone who has tried to find a board and care for their loved ones know how stressful it can be for everyone involved especially with short notice.


I scheduled an Angel reading with Andrea to see if the Holy Trinity and their Angels could be of  any help. In the Angel reading the Angels told me not to worry and I would find the right people to help me find a place for my Mother. They said an Angel would be there to help me. This put my mind at ease and gave me hope.

Within a couple weeks I got a referral for an Elder-care place to check out that was in my Mother's price range. The sales rep for the senior home was very nice and friendly.  He showed me a studio apartment and gave me a tour of the facility. I liked what I saw and brought my Mother back the next day to check it out.  Amazingly, she liked everything she saw and told me she would like to live there. The sales rep told me the studio apartment he had showed me the previous day, had been taken, however, he explained my Mother's situation to the manager and the manager arranged to let my mother move into a one bedroom apartment at the studio apartment rent for 90 days until the next studio apartment became available.

About a week before the 90 days studio rent expired, the senior apartment manger informed me a different studio had just become available. When I took my mother to look at it and she immediately fell in love with the apartment and said she liked it better than the first studio apartment she saw.  She moved in and told me she likes living in this complex better than the one she was previously living in.  The facility meets all her needs and there is a caregiver staff available to help with some of her health needs. 


I am very grateful to Andrea and the Angels for coming through for my Mother and I in what started off as a very difficult situation and turned into a blessing in disguise. I was told by Andrea that often times the Angels work through people to help us and I truly believe that the sales rep who was working with me was truly an Angel to help my Mother and me.

Client Ted Coleman testimonial


Ted C.

San Diego, CA


 Angel Healing Therapy Improved My Immune System and Increased My Energy

   Andrea has been a serious God-send for me. When I first called her, I was sick as a dog, but I gave it a shot. It even took me many sessions to mentally shift and have faith that this was the right avenue for me. However, little by little with her sessions and nutritional advice, I realize just how far I’ve come.  You can’t imagine how many things were going on with me so I needed many sessions, but Andrea has helped me with these issues:

   She has helped me improve my immune system and cleared my body from attracting parasites and viruses

   My blood sugar levels are improving and are becoming more regular- I had bad reactive hypoglycemia

    At one point I kept getting my period too early for 3 months and after Andrea and the Angels worked on it, my period became normal and on a regular schedule the next month.

   Inflammation in my gums cleared which was noticed by my dentist when I went for my check up.

   Various Viruses, Chemical Toxins, Heavy Metal Toxins have been cleared that had been depleting my energy. I knew she was right and this was the answer to my prayers because nothing helped the fatigue and fogginess until she worked on it – not even my thyroid medicine, nor any vitamins would help.


   My Sleep is more regular than before when I was having extreme difficulty getting to sleep and waking up in the night.

   No more Leg cramps.

   The Angel Healing Therapy cleared my energy from toxic emotional layers of betrayal that were causing health problems that I was not even aware of.

    I have also been starting to wean off my thyroid medicine! I take much less than I used to.

   No more sugar cravings.

    Fluoride sensitivity gone.

  And now, I am soooo excited that we clearing my sensitivities to food allergies! In the meantime, Andrea and the Angels have helped me identify which foods to stay away from and I have felt better already by eliminating those from my diet.


Also, just to mention, I have worked with other energy healers and have found Andrea to be able to hone in better on the root causes of the issues and provide more individualized healing advice in terms of emotional/thought pattern improvement and nutritional support. Specifically, she and the Holy Trinity and their Angels have helped me identify the thought patterns that caused many of my issues. Using this information, I have made a list of positive affirmations and added prayer and meditation to help me attract positive outcomes.

Thank you for the Angel Healing Therapy.

Chrysanthemum Client Testimonial

Carmen V.


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