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ANGEL Healing Therapy

Angel Healing Therapy

Andrea Reuth, Certified Angel Card Reader and Quantum Energetics Energy Healing

Qualifications and List of Services I Provide

* Certified Psychic & Angel Oracle Card Reader,CACR

* Angel Healing Therapy

* Addiction Cord Cutting

* Past Relationship Cord Cutting

* Chakra Clearing

*Spiritual Awakening Healing

* Energy Clearing for Past, Present, Future

*Angel Readings and Angel Therapy for Pets and Animals

*Energy Vortex Crystal Grids for Manifestation

*Designer of High Vibe Living spaces for Homes and Businesses

About Angel Healing Therapy

When people form a fear based attachment to you believing you are his or her source of energy they can deplete your positive energy causing you to feel tired, sad, angry, or feel pain for no reason. 

 Angel Therapy removes any negative psychic energy connections other people may have attached to you. This allows you to release the dysfunctional area of the relationship while allowing only the positive connection to remain. Additional Angel Therapies include Etheric Cord Cutting, Vacuuming, Lifting Psychic Attacks, and Healing Past Life Vows. Additional Angel Therapies include Etheric Cord Cutting, Addiction Cord Cutting, Vacumming, Lifting Psychic Attack, Healing Past Life Vows.

About Angel Readings

I work with the Angel Tarot Cards and other Oracle Card decks from  that are related to Health, Romance, Life Purpose, and any specific concerns.

The Angel Tarot deck I work with is 100% gentle, safe, and trustworthy. All the words and illustrations in the deck are positive and beautiful while still retaining the accurate reading of traditional tarot.

The Angels that I choose to work with are the Holy Trinity and their Angels and are Non-denominational, so it does not matter what religion or faith you are. The Angels are gifts from Pure Source.They are here to assist you and lead you to peace. Everyone has Angels to help them. I work with the Holy Trinity and their Angels because they have the highest frequency. 

What Are the Benefits of an Angel Readings with the Holy Trinity?

* Get the truth from the Lord's Angels about any and all concerns or situations.

* Gain clarity about life's problems and Angelic guidance on how to solve them.

*Learn how to improve your Love Life, Relationships, Family Life, Career, Health and Wellness

*Find your Soul Mate Connections and Life's Purpose.

I have been working as a Psychic, Angel Therapist and Quantum Energy Healing Therapist both in my private practice and on an International Spiritual Community Psychic Channel. Just over the past 5 years I have helped over 1500 people with the Holy Trinity and their Angels.

Certified Angel Card Reader and Energy Healing



Andrea is an Angel among us! I am in awe of my session with her. She was able to identify my Angels and their purpose (which was so on target for my life) and help me clear out old troublesome energy, unhealthy attachments, and through the Angels, perform a vacuuming technique to clean and heal everything I brought with me into this life that is not for my highest good. This lends itself to a protective "coating" internally to prevent future psychic attacks…she is so caring and so deeply devoted to the Angels she channels. This was a profound and miraculous meeting, and I will be seeking her for future work. Thank you Andrea. God Bless you.

Eileen, New York

Probably the best reading I've had. I love the messages that come through from the Holy Trinity and their Angels and the positive advice. I felt better immediately after this reading.

Elizabeth, Virginia

Love!! Love, Love, Love. I love this woman! Hands down, she and her/my Angel friends give me the best info and advice that I could ask for and not ask for. Direct and clear, she and they will tell you what's what. And, once again, it blew me away.

Aleah Ryder, San Antonio

Amazing lady, amazing reading :)) thank you for your help! Nobody like her. Directly channels the Angels and they come through with direct messages to put you right! Thank you.  

Jodyleelee, Cumbria, UK

I stumbled into her by pure accident simply because I was searching for an answers... she was discussing the Holy Trinity and their Angels.. and that sparked my curiosity.. My reading with Andrea was one of the most emotional readings I have ever had in my whole entire life.... she was able to tell me about my guardian Angels and the messages they had for me.. everything was exactly true and correct and I do not know what happened but I began to cry.. and it was tears of relief that I was not alone and I had help. I highly recommend a reading with her.... beyond amazing and beyond spiritually lifting.. I am rather speechless.. something everyone should experience.

Liz, Chicago, IL

I want to say she did a 3 card reading with me and hit it dead, she did a reading about my marriage and I didn't tell her anything. She told me the answers and new things that no one would of knew. Great reading for sure. Thank you so much.

Sandra Chilcott, Huntington

Andrea is a wonderful Angel intuitive. She informed me of which Archangels are working with me and the messages that they have. The Angels that I have around me certainly fit in with my aspirations and my life path. Thank you very much Andrea and I am honored by the reading you gave.

Justin Sensei, Australia

Meeting with Angel Andrea has been a true blessing. It hasn't been just about having a reading but it's been an amazing spiritual experience. She is connected to angels in a very powerful way. I have cerebral palsy and she offered to do a healing for me through the guidance of the Holy Trinity and their Angels.

She also helped clear emotional blockages and I already feel some benefit. She conveyed powerful messages  from the angels regarding my life and specific situations. She also connected to a past loved one when she pulled romance card and it was a very special moment. She could feel the emotions of it. I highly recommend this woman because I believe she is strongly connected to the purest angelic energies and meeting her can help you realize that the angels are all around you, and convey specific messages and guidance.

If you follow that guidance, your life is going to go in a direction of love and light. Life is beautiful and so is this lady. I send many blessings her way. If you will go in private session with Angel Andrea you will feel embraced by the love of God. It's very important to mention that she is very professional in the way that she follows through with the various indications coming from the angels and she will guide you through step by step. Amazing!

Sara, Udine

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Angel Readings are by appointment. I also offer readings by phone 619-857-5238 or Skype: Andrea.Reuth1 for Distance Healing.

If you are in severe financial hardship and need guidance from the Angels I offer a sliding scale fee for a single Reading. You can write to me and tell me your hardship and the Angels will determine your hardship fee. No phone calls please.

During the Angel reading I recommend you take detailed notes so you can reflect back on the reading after the session. Please note that if there are certain things you do not wish to know about in the reading please let me know in advance. The reading is meant to be spiritually uplifting with guidance from the Holy Trinity and their Angels to move your life in the right direction. 

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The following information is for your protection.  This service is offered to persons over 18 years of age with their personal will and no one is compelled. No reading, prediction and/or remedy given by me should be a substitute for appropriate professional advice on any matter of occupation, health, pregnancy, fertility, birth, death, legal matters, finance etc. All decisions, choices and /or actions are the responsibility of the client and their free will.

Sources for Information Doreen Virtue, PHD.

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Angels around the world and energy healing

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Andrea Reuth


Hours: By Appointment Only Monday thru Saturday by phone

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I Service All of San Diego County, the United States, and Internationally.

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